Dr. Akua in Atlanta with renowned clinical psychologist, author and lecturer, Dr. Na'im Akbar.  Dr. Akbar's visionary and pioneering work was very instrumental in the development Chike Akua's presentations, books and DVDs.
Find out why Dr. Chike Akua is one of the most sought after speakers at colleges, universities and conferences around the country!

Dr. Na'im Akbar endorses Dr. Chike Akua!

“Self-knowledge has been demonstrated as the fundamental variable for engaging and empowering young minds for thousands of years. At a time when our students are in a demonstrated educational crisis at all educational levels, Dr. Chike Akua’s provocative and penetrating presentations come as a timely antidote to the indifference and disorientation that plagues our college students. I highly recommend this exciting and meaningful presentation as a timely and effective intervention for this crisis.” 

   Dr. Na'im Akbar, Author, Clinical Psychologist
         Visions for Black MenLight From Ancient Africa, and
         Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery

George Fraser endorses Dr. Chike Akua!

"I've spoken at many colleges, conferences and corporations and seen a lot of speakers.  Dr. Chike Akua is one of the best!  If you want students to have a greater sense of purpose, passion and perspective, bring Chike Akua to your campus."

       George Fraser, Author
       Click!Race for Success, and Success Runs in Our Race

(colleges, universities, schools, community centers, and churches)
(colleges, universities, schools, community centers, and churches)
770-309-6664 Office
Who is Dr. Chike Akua?

    Dr. Chike Akua is a professor of Educational Leadership at Clark Atlanta University and one of the most sought after speakers at colleges, universities and educational conferences nationally.  He has been called "an educational revolutionary" and is recognized as a leading authority on culturally relevant educational materials and instructional approaches.  He has lectured and given keynote addresses at a number of colleges, universities and educational conferences around the country including Southern University, Minnesota State University, Tuskegee University, Ohio University Howard University, Georgia State University and Savannah State University, to name a few.  
    Selected as one of Ebony magazine’s “50 Leaders of Tomorrow,” Akua is a  former “Teacher of the Year.”  In addition, Dr. Akua has assisted in leading over 1000 youth and adults on study tours to Egypt, Ghana, Morocco and Senegal through the African Genesis Institute's Teen Summit 1000 program.   He has authored and produced  several books and DVDs including:
   *Honoring Our Ancestral Obligations: 7 Steps to Black Student Success (Book & DVD)
   *The African Origins Of Writing & Mathematics (DVD)
   *African Sacred Science & Civilization (DVD)
   *Majesty of the Moors: African Influence in Early Europe (DVD)
   *SuccessQuest!: The Journey From Ordinary to  Extraordinary (Book/DVD)
As a prolific author and dynamic speaker and trainer, Dr. Akua keeps a demanding schedule traveling nationally and internationally presenting at  colleges, universities and conferences.
(colleges, universities, schools, community centers, and churches)
770-309-6664 Office
Dr. Akua with Muhjah Shakir at Tuskegee University's Biomedical Symposium after Chike's keynote address entitled "African Sacred Science"
(available on DVD!).
Dr. Akua with Dr. Kmt Shockley, professor at George Mason University,  after a dynamic presentation
Dr. Akua in Nashville, TN with Coach Alfred Powell, author of Hip Hop Hypocrisy: When Lies Sound Like the Truth."  Chike and Coach Powell both presented at Fisk University's Harambee Conference
Dr. Akua after an African Origins  lecture with students at Savannah State University
(above and below).
Dr. Akua with Dr. Paula Parks and students from Bakersfield College in Bakersfield, CA
Dr. Chike Akua with world renowned scholar, Dr. Runoko Rashidi in Egypt.
A picture is worth a thousand words!
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Dr. Akua at the Frasernet Power Networking Conference with Black business networking pioneer, George Fraser, author of Success Runs in Our RaceRace For Success, and his most recent release, Click!

Dr. Akua's dynamic presentations are great for
*Conference Keynotes                     *Leadership Retreats
*Student Union Programs                *Black History Month 
*African American Male Initiative    *Multicultural Programs
African Sacred Science: What Does It Mean to Be Black? DVD ($25)

Who wrote the oldest complete text in the world?
Was America built using African knowledge?
What is the oldest mathematics textbook?
Did ancient African people write about and practice the scientific
method and advanced medicine?     
How did ancient Africans align their temples and other structures to 
star systems that NASA only recently discovered?
What African and African American scientists, doctors, and researchers are carrying on this legacy of excellence and achievement?

The African Origins of Our Faith (DVD & Book) ($35)
What are some of humanity’s first concepts about spirituality?
Are vestiges of these original African spiritual concepts still found 
in the holy books of the world's religions?
How can we use these original spiritual concepts to empower 
ourselves and our communities?
Is religion used to elevate and uplift or to manipulate and exploit?
Did the writings of the Bible come from African sacred texts?
*Recorded live in Philadelphia!

Wonders of West Africa DVD ($25)
Archeological research has demonstrated that there were six mass migrations from the ancient civilizations of East Africa (Kemet, Nubia and  Kush) to West Africa giving birth to the great Empires of Ghana, Mali and Songhoy.  Learn of the amazing high culture, accomplishments and contributions that the people of these empires made to America and humanity.

The Majesty of the Moors: African Influence in Early Europe DVD ($25)

Many people are unaware that it was the Moors of North Africa who brought Europe out the Dark Ages after Europe was ravaged by disease, poverty and ecnomic calamities.  It is a well-documented but little-known fact that it was the Moors with their science and technology that also led Europe into their renaissance.  Learn the influece that these Africans had on Europe, America and world culture.

The Miracle of the Maafa: Understanding African Enslavement & Empowerment DVD ($25)
What were African people doing for the thousands of years prior to 
Did African people have universities and libraries?
If African people were so great, how were they overtaken by 
Why is every African person you see a living miracle?
*Recorded live at Truth & Transformation Ministries in Atlanta!

From History to Destiny: A Paradigm for Black Business Prosperity
Are there African American businessmen and women who made
their money empowering their people?  Who are they?
Do you have to exploit and manipulate people to make money?
How can we raise capital and consciousness at the same time?
*Recorded live at the 1st Annual National Black Alliance Network Conference

SIX DVDs (listed above, pictured below) PLUS ONE BOOK featuring award-winning educator and author Chike Akua 

"Illuminating the link between 
history and destiny!"
Free Audio download of Chike Akua:
Click here: https://rcpt.yousendit.com/588264331/4050572b0be09 1534fe3c8f45bf82629
Join award-winning educator and author, Dr. Chike Akua, on an incredibly revealing, transformative journey to discover the contributions and advancements African people, ancient and modern, have made to America and the world.  This dynamic, interactive visual presentation explores the African Origins of:
  • Reading and Writing
  • Language and Literature 
  • Mathematics and Medicine 
  • Architecture and Engineering 
  • Spirituality 
  • much, much, more!
Dr. Akua with Helen and Ali Salahuddin, co-founders of the Dzert Club in Philadelphia.
Dr. Akua with Dzert Club students in Egypt in front of the Great Pyramid
Dr. Akua with Dr. Edward Robinson (left) the author of The Journey of the Songhai People
                         Featuring award-winning Author & Educator 
        Dr. Chike Akua
Reading Revolution: Reconnecting the Roots (Volume I) ($20)
with Co-author Tavares Stephens
We can increase and improve reading comprehension and cultural consciousness at the same time!
90 engaging high-interest reading selections
Standardized test format with multiple choice questions
Topic and main idea, supporting details and sequencing
Vocabulary development  and context clues
Making inferences and drawing conclusions

"Chike Akua and Tavares Stephens combine excellent teaching skills, deep knowledge of African history and culture, and, as master teachers, a real grasp of students interest and thinking.  Reading Revolution is an oustanding product of this mixture, and hence a rare value for schools."
Asa G. Hilliard III - Nana Baffour Amankwatia II, Ed.D

A Treasure Within: Stories of Remembrance & Rediscovery 
A Treasure Within is a book of short stories in which young people have encounters with ancient African Ancestors to learn traditional morals, values, and culture.  It is a resource which continues to develop academic skills and cultivate character development as well as cultural awareness. ($15)

"A Treasure Within is the book that many of us have been waiting for.  The deep thinking of African is grasped and communicated clearly through these three powerful stories...I am thankful for this outstanding contribution to our mental and spiritual liberation."
Asa G. Hilliard III - Nana Baffour Amankwatia II, Ed.D

A Treasure Within: Parent/Teacher Resource Guide ($15)
The accompanying Parent/Teacher Resource Guide is a complete companion curriculum that can be used to do extra activities related to the stories in A Treasure Within.  These activities are designed to improve reading comprehension, writing, and grammar skills. 

"A Treasure Within is a remarkable collection of stories with a broad appeal to all youth.  The stories instruct, develop moral character, adn entertain at the same time.  The accompanying Parent/Teacher Resource Guide is  a great and useful addition to this wonderful collection."
Dr. William Hammond, Reading Instructional Corrdinator
Dekalb County Schools, Atlanta, Georgia

WORDS OF POWER: Ancient Insights & Modern Messages for Parents, Teachers and Students ($25)
This book contains almost two hundreds quotes and proverbs from African people and powerful people all over the world.  Use this wonderful resource to teach our children much of the mother wit and wisdom that we grew up on but that many of our youth are not getting today.  Additionally it contains fill-in worksheets so that students can engage in a words of wisdom treasure hunt. 

A Kwanzaa Awakening: Lessons for the Community ($20)
This book contains lessons for every grade level, including:
*A brief history of Kwanzaa & Libation Ceremony
*A 3-act play & Poetry Section
*Kwanzaa classroom activities, Worksheets, a quiz, and a test
*Lessons for the Little Ones (primary grades)
*Coloring activities
ONLY $229!
The Black History Power Pak contains seven of Chike's Akua's books, plus two DVDs, and two BONUS CDs. Increase your child's reading comprehension, character development, and cultural awareness all at the same time from an educator who is a former Teacher of the Year, with over 20 years experience in the field of education, and who now trains teachers around the country.  The Black History Power Pak! includes fiction, nonfiction, activity books, test taking skills, and much much more!  This is a must for our children!!!
Look who's talking about Dr. Chike Akua!
Dr. Akua (above)at the 33rd Annual Pan-African Student Leadership Conference at Minnesota State University with Dr. Michael Fagin and Professor Alfred Powell of State University of New York (SUNY) and with students at the conference (below)
“As an African historian, one of my greatest satisfactions is to encounter brilliant young African scholars, of which brother Chike Akua is among the most outstanding.  A remarkable intellect combined with genuine humility and a superlative work ethic is a rare combination, of which brother Chike blends into a wonderful synthesis.”

Dr. Runoko Rashidi, Author
Global African Presence, African Presence in Early Asia

"Dr. Chike Akua's commitment, scholarship, style, delivery, and command of ancient  and contemporary African history had the audience spell-bound.  “African Origins On Tour”  is  a must for every campus!"

Muhjah Shakir, Bioethics Scholar
Dept. of Veterinary Science and Allied Health
Tuskegee University 

"Dr. Chike Akua enlightens and  develops within students a strong sense of pride with his exceptional insights about ancient Africa and contemporary cultural connections. He does all of this in a very warm and interactive way.   You must have Chike Akua come to your college campus to present ‘African Origins On Tour!”

           Brent W. Reeves, Director
           Office of Multicultural Affairs
           McKendree University
           Lebanon, IL 

“African Origins on Tour is insightful, provocative and enlightening.  Dr. Chike Akua’s outstanding scholarship  produces  a life-transforming experience for students and all in attendance.”

Kevin Washington (Mwata Kairi), Ph.D.
Africana Studies Department
San Francisco State University

"Dr. Chike Akua is sincere in his presentation and very thought provoking.  His scholarly approach and work is very evident in his presentation of “African Origins on Tour”.  His presentation compliments the in classroom experience very well."

Carol Bennett, Director
Wilbur N. Daniel African American Cultural Center
Austin Peay State University

“Dr. Chike Akua’s “African Origins on Tour” is incredible and without rival.  It is educational, scholarly and stimulating—an absolute must for students and staff who work with advancing the knowledge of students.”

Professor Alfred “Coach” Powell, Author
Hip-Hop Hypocrisy: When Lies Sound Like the Truth
State University Of New York, Stoneybrook
School of Social Welfare and Health Sciences

"Dr. Chike Akua's 'African Origins on Tour' is enlightening, informative, and inspirational.  Every student on every college campus should have 'the Akua experience.'"

Dr. Kmt Shockley, Professor, Author
George Mason University
The Mis-education of Black Children

“Without a doubt, Dr. Chike Akua is one of the most informative, inspirational, and knowledgeable speakers in America today.  Every school, college, church, civic, social and business organization should hear him.”

Joe L. Dudley, Sr., Founder, CEO
Dudley Products, Inc.

Dr. Akua with two participants at the COMPRO-TAX Cultural & Economic Summit in Beaumont, Texas after Chike's keynote speech (below)
Dr. Akua with Pastor James Ward and members of Antioch Lithonia Baptist Church after Chike's Kwanzaa Connections presentation (below)
Email: ChikeAkua@gmail.com 
Phone: (770)309-6664

Dr. Chike Akua's Most Requested Presentations

Honoring Our Ancestral Obligations
Do African American youth and adults have an obligations to live up to the
greatness and glory of their Ancestors?  If so, what are the barriers and 
roadblocks to meeting these obligation and how they be overcome?

What Does It Mean To Be Black?
The defamation of African American images through skillful media manipulation, 
miseducation and cultural identity theft requires a radical redefinition of Blackness.  
This presentation is a compelling look at the original ancient concepts of 
Blackness which began in Africa tens of thousands of years ago.  

African Sacred Science: Black Contributions to STEM
An eye-opening look at ancient African applications of the scientific method; 
engineering and architectural marvels; ancient mathematical and medical texts 
on anatomy and physiology, surgery, medicine and healing methods, etc.

Relationship Revolution: The Keys to Making Love Last
With domestic violence and out or wedlock births at epidemic proportions, over 70% of Black households run by single parents and over 50% of marriages ending in divorce, there is a clear need for wise counsel when it comes to relationships--and Chike Akua delivers with practical, insightful and engaging guidelines for dating on and off campus.

Majesty of the Moors: African Influence in Early Europe
Most people are unaware that it was the Moors, Africans from west and north Africa, who brought Europe out of the Dark Ages through their science and technology.  The riveting, interactive, visual presentation gives primary source evidenc-based research to demonstrate Africa's gift to western civilization.

Wonders of West Africa
The ultimate and essential examination of the contributions and accomplishments of the West
African Empires of Ghana, Mali, and Songhoy.  This is an indispensable resource that is both instructive
and inspiring.

Great Black Busines.s Leaders and Their Secrets to Success
A transformative journey through the history of Black business in America which highlights Black business          leaders who made their money empowering their people and who use(d) their money to empower their                   people.  This presentation is a must for those who believe that we must create our own economic stimulus.

SuccessQuest!: Achieving Against the Odds
Powerful lessons from powerful people--how trhey overcame tremendous obstacles to achieve                                 extraordinary success.  This presenation is a must for understanding the inner aspects of achievement.

African Origins of Our Faith
A study of the original ancient African ideas and texts which explained transcendent phenomena, belief in            One Creator, the power of the Creator in Woman and Man, and how these concepts were incorporated into           the world's religions.

The Miracle of the Maafa: Understand African Enslavement & Empowerment
       A deeply insightful presenation about the specific strategies used to exploit and enslave African people,                how those tactics are still being used, and how African people can tap into their original cultural ways                     power.
Honoring Our Ancestral Obligations: 
7 Steps to Black Student Success
By Chike Akua

This is the book that is changing the way Black students see themselves see themselves, their history, their culture, their power, their potential and the world!

Dr. John Henrik Clarke, one of our most highly respected and highly regarded scholars, remarked that great African Empires, nations and civilizations were held together by two things: "honor and obligation."  To honor is to show deep respect. An obligation is a responsibility one has that must be fulfilled without question.  So, "Honoring Our Ancestral Obligations" means that we will show deep respect to our Ancestors by the way we live our lives and that we will fulfill our responsibilities with character, consciousness and commitment.  

This books covers topics such as Identity Restoration, Calling and Career Preparation, Economic Mobilization, Relationship Revolution and much, much more!

Dr. Chike Akua speaking at Minnesota State University
Dr. Akua speaking at Southern University (Baton Rouge, LA)
Dr. Akua speaking at the Compro-Tax Cultural & Economic Summit in Beaumont, TX